Still No End To This 304/365

I’m still exhausted. It’s been a week of complete exhaustion. Like sleeping 18+ hours a day and it’s still not enough. We are however closer to figuring out what is wrong with me, we are doing more tests as the last test results came back with high levels. I mean really we’ve had 2 tests with my levels off the charts do we really think we are going to get different results with this third test?

I’ve made it longer today then I have in the past week so that’s a bit of an improvement.

I hit OTF this morning and increased my base and push paces now to work on the all out pace too.

The weight floor was all about upper body and it was a strength day which meant lower reps and higher weights and I went for the heavier weights today. Let’s just say my arms were burning on those last few reps. I’m pushing myself more and more everyday. I owe the last few reps to my fellow OTFer as she repped it out with me and encouraged me and helped push me through. Just one of the many reasons I love OTF.

And, I got my Hell Week shirt today. I earned this sucker. I wanted to throw up and quit I think at some point in everyone of those workouts but I did it and didn’t quit.

Tonight for dinner I had chicken breast I needed to cook up, and I wasn’t in the mood to make anything elaborate. And, oh did I mention that right outside my OTF studio is a Chick-fil-a so everyday when I leave I’m like ohhhhhh Chick-fil-a. I don’t stop and get it but man some days I want it. So, yeah as I’m looking at these prior sentences I know if my junior high English teacher saw that she’d be cringing. But, anyway I made a Paleo Chick-fil-a copycat nuggets. They came out really good and there are tons of leftovers which will probably go in the freezer as I have a ton of stuff in the fridge I need to eat and well I love having things to pull out of the freezer to eat when life gets crazy.

One more day to get through and then it’s the weekend. Happy Thursday all.

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