Feeling A Bit Better 305/365

Today I’ve actually felt pretty good. I am not completely exhausted. However, I am not going to push it and I will be going to bed early tonight and getting plenty of sleep.

I started the day off with my daily dose of Orange Theory. It was an endurance day which is probably my least favorite of the 4 types of workouts we have at OTF. But, I did it and stuck with my new base and push paces. I also increased my all out pace. I hope to be back to jogging by the new year. Little by little making progress.

Part of today was 2, 3 minute rowing blocks. My goal wasn’t to get as far as they suggested, my goal was to simply row for the entire 3 minutes without stopping. Which I was able to do I mean I was rowing really slow but I kept moving the whole time. I will eventually get to a point where I don’t completely loathe rowing or at least I hope.

The weight floor I pushed through high reps of exercises and between the deadlifts, skier swings, and the rowing my hamstrings are on fire. I’m doing some stretching before bed that’s for sure.

So anyone want to join Orange Theory? November is refer a friend month and well there is a really cool backpack for referring someone and you get it if they sign up. I really want that backpack. Come on you know you want to join.

Tonight for dinner I had a ton of bell peppers to use since I never made the stuffed peppers. I decided to make fajitas. I had some cilantro lime sausage that I also had to use up as well. So cilantro lime sausage fajitas it was for dinner.

I found Siete Foods Cassava Coconut Tortillas the other day at Whole Foods so it was a perfect time to try them out with my dinner. They are really good and I’ll be buying them again.

I still haven’t meal planned for next week which I need to do so I can grocery shop and be ready for the upcoming week. I’m thinking chili will be on the list and not sure what else. I need to see what I have in the freezer as well.

It’s really hard to meal plan when I have no appetite I could care less about food, but I need to make a plan so at the very least I can pull stuff out of the freezer so that it’s defrosted and ready to go if I feel hungry. Oh well I’ll start looking for recipes.

Happy Friday

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