A Little Of This A Little Of That 307/365

Today started pretty much the way every Sunday does with a session at OTF. It was power day which is my favorite. I was able to maintain my new base, push, and all out paces for the entire block. And, well those 1 minute all outs definitely pushed me.

The floor was a good workout as well. And, I kicked ass on the 150 meter row. I got my highest watts and fastest time yet. 150m – 31.3 seconds. My next goal less than 30. I’m going to get there. Maybe even by the end of this month.

Today was probably the best day I’ve had in a while at OTF based purely on stats anyway. It was a good workout.

Yesterday, I took as a me day. I didn’t do much but chill out and get my grocery shopping done. I read some of my book and took a lot of deep breaths. Yes my house is a disaster I have a ton of work to take care of but after the past week of being exhausted and pretty much sleeping nonstop I just took the time to take some deep breaths and realize that everything will get done and things will work out.

I enjoyed a meal I pulled out of the freezer for dinner/lunch. Loaded supreme pizza baked potatoes. It was really good and I’ve said it a ton but leftovers for the freezer are amazing.

I’ll have to make these again and I can make a ton of them and freeze them as the reheat really well.

I also got my hostess rewards from a Jamberry party I had. I got a ton of stuff I mean a ton.

That pile of wraps equals 24 wraps. That’s nearly enough to keep me going for every week for half a year. Add in the lacquer and colour cure and I’m good to go for a while.

I mean when that comes in the mail you just have to do your nails. I pulled out one of the fall inspired wraps I got and paired it with a lacquer I had already purchased a while ago and well I have a pretty banging manicure.

Tonight I’ll be eating some leftovers and then this week all of my recipes are from people I follow on Instagram. Can’t wait to try them. There are some good ones coming this week.

Happy Sunday and Daylight Savings/Fall Back Day.

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