Well It’s Cold Weather Food But It’s Summer Like Temps 308/365

This morning started off with a blood draw for my latest cushings test. I’ll be back bright an early tomorrow for another blood draw to complete the test.

After my blood draw it was off to my second home AKA Orange Theory. I went an hour later than usual as I had to get blood work done. It was a tough workout and I definitely worked my butt off. I of course missed my regular crew I workout with but there were some familiar faces in the group.

I love looking at the weekly, monthly, and yearly calorie and splat points. In the last 7 days I’ve burned 2300 calories just at OTF.

So this week the meals I’m making are all thanks to Instagram.

Tonight I made a chili recipe from @_paleolife_ I made the turkey, sweet potato, kale chili. I however, switched out the kale for spinach, as I am person who just can’t do kale. I’ve tried I just can’t. It’s pretty good although it didn’t quite have the chili consistency I usually go for.

While doing my weekly grocery shopping this past weekend I was Aldi’s and they had a gluten free cheddar biscuit mix. I grabbed it figuring I’d give it a try at some point. Well tonight I decided why not. Super easy to make and they are really good. I’ll be picking up some more of that mix. Not something I’ll make all the time but from time to time it’s good to have on hand.

So yeah I made a hearty meal for a cool fall day. Too bad it’s far from fall weather here. As in it’s currently 74 degrees. Ughhhhh I’m ready for some fall weather. As I’m making this meal I was contemplating turning the AC on in the house. The weatherman is saying cold weather is on the way. I hope so as I have a soup recipe planned and French Onion Soup I pulled from the freezer.

Of course I’ll have chili and Taco Soup to add to the freezer this week and probably some cauliflower pizza casserole as well. I’m cleaning out the older meals from the freezer and filling it with new ones.

Even though it’s 74 degrees my chili and biscuit dinner was still amazing.

Happy Monday!!!

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