A 20 Degree Temperature Change 309/365

I started the morning off with more lab work. But, hopefully we will be closer to a diagnosis after the results come back.

So yesterday at this time it was 75 today it’s 54. Which I’m okay with as it is actually fall and oh yeah November.

And, the cooler temperatures makes it perfect soup weather and well that’s what was on the plan for dinner tonight.

I took to Instagram again for tonight’s recipe. The recipe is from @livinglovingpaleo and it’s Taco Soup. I mean it is Tuesday which means Taco Tuesday so why wouldn’t I go with some taco soup.

I tweaked the recipe a bit by changing out the ground beef for ground turkey and ground chicken. It came out so amazing. I have a huge pot of it and will definitely have a bunch for the freezer. This is something the husband will enjoy as well. He’d of course enjoy it more with ground beef but he’s not home to eat it right now and I am so no ground beef this go round.

It’ll definitely be something I’ll be eating for a lunch or dinner again this week.

Want to give this a try you can get the recipe by clicking right here.

Are you participating in Taco Tuesday?

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