Boom 💥🔥 311/365

Today’s OTF workout killed me. I was struggling by the end but I pushed through and finished it.

It was a strength day which means inclines on the treads but I don’t do them. Which means my push pace is quickly becoming my new base pace and as I just started on these new paces at the beginning of the month it’s leaving me huffing and puffing. I was definitely sucking wind today. But, hey my speed is improving. At the rate we are hitting the inclines on the treads I’ll be up to jogging soon.

The weight floor was good except for the last block which was a rowing block. 10 goblet squats 250 meter all out row and then back to the squats and decrease the row by 50 meters. Yeah, it toasted me especially to hit that in the last 6 minutes of the workout.

Tonight I’m heading to Texas de Brazil Steakhouse for dinner with friends to celebrate a milestone for one of them. I’m really proud of him and well I’ll be eating all the bacon wrapped hold the bacon chicken. I can’t wait for some good food and fun with friends.

Happy Thursday.

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