It Was A Good Day 312/365

Today started off 2 hours earlier than I typically start my Friday mornings, but guess what I survived it and it turned into a great day.

I hit up OTF 2 hours earlier than normal on a Friday because I had an appointment for work at noon and wanted to make sure I had time to prepare for it.

Today’s workout was all about power. Lots of sprints on the treadmill and power moves on the weight floor oh and let’s not forget all out rows on the rowers. I think I’m still trying to recover from those 12 hours later.

I pushed it hard today and definitely felt the burn and the sweat pouring off me today. And, I rowed at 8.2mph for about 3 seconds but still I rowed 8mph. I’ll take that. Next time we measure in mph I’ll have to compare and see if I’ve improved any.

Yeah check those splat points out. Once I got there I pretty much stayed in the Orange the whole time.

A great workout and I’m pretty excited for Sunday’s workout.

Tonight for dinner since it’s Friday I went with a pizza themed meal. I made a slow cooker cauliflower pizza casserole. It’s another Instagram recipe and well all I have to say is HOT DANG THATS GOOD!!!! It came out so good and of course there are tons of leftovers just waiting to be frozen to be enjoyed at another time. Tonight’s recipe is from @cleanfoodcrush if you don’t follow her you should definitely check her out.

Now to decide what’s for dinner next week and get to making the meal plan and shopping list.

Happy Friday all.

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