It’s Been A Day 321/365

I woke up this morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed last night.

I headed off to OTF for my Sunday morning torture session, I mean workout. It was a strength day with a run/row and to add to the madness it was also a switch day.

The blocks were all 10.5 minutes and luckily the run/rows weren’t too terrible. Short runs with short rows. I like it but it also kicks my ass.

The floor blocks were good and since the reps were lower I upped it on the weights and well my coach had me up them even more. She may or may not have received an eye roll.

Overall it was a good workout and I’m ready to see what tomorrow has in store for me. Oh and did I mention that Friday was my 100th class which made today 101. Here’s to the next 100.

After OTF it was off to grocery shop. I of course didn’t meal plan this week which meant there was no list. I knew I needed stuff for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving so I grabbed that stuff and then found some meat that was on sale and decided that would be dinner at some point this week. I figured I won’t need to cook too much since the end of the week I’ll have tons of leftovers.

I went to 3 stores. And, they were all insane. Holy people out grocery shopping. I started off at Trader Joe’s and picked up some staples I needed. And, while there discovered they had new sparkling water flavors. What!!!! Yeah I had to buy them all. This is how I left the store:Yeah a wine box filled with my waters. It was perfect since I’m just leaving them in there on the floor until I’m ready to drink it.

After Trader Joe’s it was off to Aldi’s to pick up some items which was pretty quick and then it was off to Kroger to pick up some deli sliced cheese and my almond milk. After that it was home for a nice relaxing shower and then pretty much I’ve become a bum.

I have no appetite and am not in the least bit hungry. However, I need to eat you know that whole need food to live thing. However, I’m not feeling like cooking nor do I want anything elaborate. I had ground turkey that needed to be cooked up so I basically recreated a meal I made a few weeks ago when I was feeling the same way. I’ve decided to call it healthier hamburger helper, who needs stuff that comes out of a box. Cooked up the ground turkey, some gluten free pasta, and topped it with a pumpkin butternut squash sauce. And, well there is a crap ton of leftovers. So yeah no worries about the not planning for the week as I have plenty of leftovers and will continue to rack them up as the week goes on.

Here’s hoping tomorrow I’m feeling more awake and motivated to get things done. As I have a whole ton of laundry that needs to get done and a kitchen that could use a good scrub.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable. Now I’m going to read my chapters for my book club tomorrow and then call it a day.

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