Friendsgiving Prep 326/365

I started my morning off with a little post Thanksgiving burn at OTF. It was a power day with a bit of rowing. Like 3 mini blocks of rowing. Ughhhh add that to yesterday’s partner workout with lots of rowing and my whole body is feeling it. Here’s hoping tomorrow isn’t too rough.

Tomorrow I’m attending a Friendsgiving with a bunch of my Kickball peeps. So I spent the day prepping and cooking all of the food I’m bringing. I’m hitting OTF later than usual and my oven is less than desirable. I refer to it as the EZ Bake Oven. It’s the same size you’d find in an RV. So yeah I’m only fitting one thing in at a time. Kitchen renovations aren’t happening anytime soon but when they do, uhmmmm this is the oven I’m going to find.

Anyway I made a broccoli cauliflower cheddar casserole.

Made gluten-free so I can enjoy it.

Green Bean Casserole as well with gluten free French fried onions.

Also made this Butternut Squash with turkey sausage, apple, and cranberry stuffing. I’ve never made it before but it looks and smells delicious.

Then it was time for a dessert because we all know there will be tons of pie which I won’t be able to eat. So it was this Paleo Apple Cranberry Crisp. I’ve made this several times before and well it’s delicious.

Look at all that goodness. I also am bringing Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake which isn’t pictured.

I’m pretty sure there is going to be tons of food and yumminess. Good thing I’m going to OTF in the morning I’m going to need to burn some calories to help offset the eating I’m going to do once again.

Hope your enjoying the holiday and weekend with your loved ones.

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