I’m Worn Out 328/365

Ughhhh I’m exhausted again or should I say still.

Today was Day 4 at OTF in a row and I’m feeling it that’s for sure. One more day and then a much needed day off from the gym. I’m getting really tired of rowing. There has been way too much in the line of rowing the last few days. I’m dreading what may be in store for me tomorrow. Hopefully it’s light on the rowing.

I’m still getting the splat points and burning some calories. However, today I was struggling through it. Add in it was an endurance day and well I was miserable. But, I showed up I pushed through it, and I completed it. Which is better than the person who sat on the couch instead.

Tomorrow I’ll be working out then it’s off to work for back to back to back meetings. After that I’ve got my MRI scheduled. Here’s to hoping that they find what they are looking for and I can get this taken care of and start to feel better.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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