A Little Late But…361/365

For the last several years my husband has gotten me Hanukkah gifts from Modern Tribe. It’s a website with all things Jewish. And, well this year was quite entertaining.

Nail decals, Mazel Tov cards, a koozie, socks, dreidel tongs, dreidel silicon mold, drinking games, and drinking dreidels. Uhmmm yeah I loved them all.

I’m particularly thrilled with my tongs. They go great with my menorah spatula and challah bread pan from previous years.

Now to convince the husband I need an Instapot and Vitamix Blender and my life will be grand.

Happy next to last night of 2017.

Endurance Not my Strong Suit 360/365

So, being as there is only 1 day left in the year and I’ll only be at 361 of 365 I’m thinking I miscounted somewhere al by the way. Oh well.

Anyway today’s workout was an endurance workout at OTF and well that’s my least favorite type of workout and today wasn’t any different.

The run/row block nearly destroyed me. After a 11 minute tread block then to jump into an 800 meter row with a 1 minute recovery then into a 400 meter row and if that wasn’t enough run for distance until time is called. Ughhhhh I hate you rower. I had a great coach well all the coaches at my location are awesome, but this coach is amazing at coaching me through these longer rows. And, I classify any row over 250 meters as long, pathetic I know but still. I made it through the rows and even managed to shave 7 seconds off on my 400 meter row when I had to repeat it while on the floor. I’ll eventually will get there where I don’t have a complete mental breakdown over rowing.

On another note finally have a date for my consultation with the neurosurgeon as in next week. I’m pretty excited about that!!! Getting closer to feeling better.

Happy Friday all!!

Happy Boxing, Kwanza, New Nails Day 357/365

It’s Boxing Day if you’re Canadian and if you’re not well it’s still Boxing Day in Canada.

It’s also the start of Kwanza if you celebrate that.

For me it was do a new manicure day. I was lazy and never changed my nails from Hanukkah to Christmas. Oops. So, I needed to change them because Hanukkah is over and they were starting to look pretty worn.

New Years theme it is. I’m pretty excited about them. Sloth out, I do have one nail that is bugging me and as soon as I finish this post I’ll be fixing it.

Hope everyone had a great holiday.

It’s A Burner 355/365

This morning I didn’t feel as tired as I did yesterday morning so that was a good thing.

I started my morning with an 8am Power workout at OTF. Have I mentioned Power days are my favorite. Add in that today was a switch day and it was a fast paced moving class that kicked my ass in a good way.

The class had lots of quick powerful movements with little recovery times. Yeah I had to adjust my speeds on the treads because I was exhausted by the second tread block which was my third block overall. I am okay with adjusting the speeds if that’s what I need to do and I was still in the orange.

My highlight of the session was the rowing. Every floor block ended with a row that increased in time by 15 seconds each round. I was able to row the 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and the 1 minute row without stopping. Granted as the amount of time we had to row the lower my watts fell but I was able to row for a minute straight getting nearly 300 meters. I’ll take that because rowing for a minute straight is enough to kill me. I just focused on breathing and doing even consistent pulls. It worked because I did it. Now to keep working on being able to do it and increase the Watts. Little by little day by day I’m making progress.

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve.

Endurance Ughhhh 354/365

I’m dealing with this pure exhaustion thing it’s getting a bit old. I went to bed fairly early last night and woke up completely exhausted. I woke up completely dreading the thought of heading to OTF. Although, the thing with OTF is if you late cancel or no show you get charged for it. So, yeah my butt is going.

I dragged myself out of bed and headed off to OTF. It was an endurance day which is my least favorite focus and add in a run/row with that and well yeah really not my favorite type of day. Of course once I got there I pushed through it, but I’m not going to lie endurance days take a lot out of me and definitely push me mentally as well as physically. I think it’s more mental than anything on endurance days. I see the row distances and the time blocks and get defeated. Obviously, I can do it because well I do it every time but my mindset is stuck on I can’t. It’s definitely something I’ll be working on this in the upcoming year.

Wasn’t an awful stat day but I could of done better.

Tomorrow is a Power day which are my favorite and I already know I’ll be waking up tired as I’m struggling right now to make it to 7pm before going to bed, but I’m going to do my best to bust out the best workout I can.

Here’s to a great holiday weekend.

Well These Were Surprising 353/365

So, I try not but much in the line of processed food and I really try not to buy processed junk food at all. Because, one even the healthy processed stuff isn’t really all that healthy and well the junk is just that junk. Plus my body doesn’t really do very well with the processed foods.

However, the other day while at Whole Foods I saw these gluten-free maple ginger sandwich cookies. I’ve had other products from this company before and I’ve enjoyed them so I figured why not. And, well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. They are pretty good. They don’t have that weird after taste that other gluten-free products sometimes have. My only complaint is I wish they were either all chocolate or all vanilla cookies instead of the combo. But, hey other than that they were a winner. And, great for an occasional treat.

Now I’m waiting for A Charlie Brown Christmas to start and my night will be complete.

Happy Thursday

All The Feels 351/365

This afternoon I met up with one of my teammates from work and we went shopping for a family that we adopted for Christmas.

The family consists of 3 boys and grandma who raises them and unfortunate to say but a dead beat mom. We adopted the 3 boys and grandma to help bring them a real Christmas this year.

We headed out to the store and bought up several items for the boys, toys, books, and some clothes as well. We also got grandma a nice blanket, coat, and bath spa items. It’s all getting wrapped and dropped off Christmas Eve by another one of our teammates. Can’t wait to see their faces.

It feels amazing to be able to give something to someone who isn’t asking nor expecting anything and to put a little shine in someone’s day. And, also to be a part of a team that is so amazing and giving. We all said absolutely we’d do what we could for this family as soon as we heard the story. Not, only are they my co-workers they have quickly become family.

Paying It Forward wherever and whenever you can.

And, my house may be haunted. Last night I was in bed and the tv in the living room turned on by itself. Uhmmmm yeah something was in the house. I’m going to go with ghost.

And, of course I went to OTF this morning and it was a power day which are my favorite days. Kicked my ass but it was worth it.