Happy Hanukkah 345/365

It’s the second night of Hanukkah. Every year my husband buys me 8 silly gifts for the occasion from Modern Tribe. And, well this year he didn’t disappoint.

I’ll be sharing with you over the next couple of days.

I even got my nails into the spirit.

Hope you’re having a great day.

First Night & Last Day 344/365

Today was/is the last day of 12 Days Of Fitness/Fitmas. And, it was brutal. Inclines combined with a run/row and add in 90 seconds of Ultimate Burpees at the end of every floor block and well I was spent. I mean I was done, stick a fork in me done.

It may have been brutal but I worked my way through it and finished.

I’m continuing my days at OTF with as much as I have in me as I’ll be out for a while after surgery and I want to get myself in the best shape I can before I go into surgery, so hopefully when I come back it won’t be as much of a struggle to get back to where I am now.

I had a follow up appointment with the Hand Specialist for the numbness in my fingers and palms. And, well there is no rhyme or reason for it, but perhaps due to Cushings. I’ll follow up with him again in a month.

At the doctor’s office they were playing only the best movie ever:

Yeah sure you’re running behind no biggie.

Tomorrow I go back to the eye doctor to see what my vision is doing. Ahhhh yeah can’t wait for this to be over.

It’s the first night of Hanukkah so light those menorahs.

Have a great night.

When Sunday Finds You 342/365

Started my Sunday morning off like almost every other Sunday morning at OTF. It was Day 10 Of 12 Days Of Fitness and it was all about the burpees today. Not only that but I had 2 friends join me and try it out for the first time. I didn’t workout next to them because 1) number 10 is my station and they put one of my friends on 10 and 2) I don’t start on the rowers EVER. I mean I like them and all but, just No. I’m not even sure I love my husband enough to start on the rowers. And, well for everyone’s benefit it’d be best if we weren’t on the same thing anyway.

And, now I’m still fighting this insane exhaustion in which I just can’t shake and therefore I’m struggling to keep the eyes open. So, why not curl up with a blanket and a Star Wars marathon. Maybe one day I won’t be so damn tired all of the time.

Happy Sunday all.

Shaking My Head 341/365

I know I live in the south. When every 5 minutes we get Storm Update. Uhmmm it’s raining, a little sleet/slush, and a snowflake or 2 possibly. Give me a break.

However, all I’ve heard all day is sirens. Seriously, people learn to drive it’s not that difficult.

This does not a storm make. Oh well this time next week it’ll be back in the 50’s. Life of a now Southerner.

Happy Saturday!!!

It’s Catching Me 340/365

This bought of exhaustion has taken over. There was no fighting it. I’ve been sleeping pretty much all day and won’t be awake much of this evening. I’m hoping this passes quickly and I can just go back to exhausted instead of completely exhausted can’t even function.

I did manage to get a session in at OTF this morning and well yeah it was a scorcher. But, hey I did it and even pulled over 200 watts on my rows so there is that.

Best part of the day I finally heard from the hospital I’m looking at getting surgery at and they have my referral stuff, so now it’s just waiting for the doctor’s review which takes about a week so hopefully around December 18th I’ll know what the next step is.

Happy Friday everyone here’s to a great weekend.

Sweatpants Kinda Day 339/365

Today was a day where I wasn’t into doing anything. I’ve been fighting the exhaustion again. Was asleep by 7:30 last night, woken up at midnight by text messages coming in which resulted in me being awake for 3 hours before I could fall back asleep. Which ended up not being a big deal as I already wasn’t going into the office today due to a doctor’s appointment.

So yeah I slept until 10, got 2 loads of laundry washed and dried. They aren’t folded they just joined the other 3 loads that are waiting to be folded. But at least they are clean.

Needless to say it was stay in my sweats and even go to the doctor in them because well I just don’t care.

And this is my motto for tomorrow:

Although I will be hitting up OTF tomorrow morning and then it will be work from home and rocking the comfy pants.

Yup I’m okay with this.

Here’s hoping this bout of exhaustion passes quickly. However on that note I’m ready to get some sleep.

Here’s to tomorrow being Friday.

Hump Day 338/365

Today’s workout was an ESP Run/row day.

Can someone please explain to me how the workout with the title Rowers Climbing has less rowing then the workout titled 5 Minute Runs.

It was a good workout and my arms are feeling the burn still.

I worked on videos for my teams YouTube channel today and now I’m chilling out and calling it an early night.

Happy Hump Day, the week’s half way through.

That Was awful 337/365

Today was Day 5 Of 12 Days Of Fitness. And, well it sucked. It was called 5 Minute Runs. Yeah that wasn’t the bad part, I made it through those. However the floor block with the 2500 meters total of rowing, yeah that can take a flying leap. Start off with a 1000 meter row. Uhmmm what then 750, 500, and finally a 250 meter row. Yeah OTF you’re on something and it isn’t anything good. Never again do I want to do that workout again. But, hey I broke the 500 calorie burned wall.

One of my friends posted this, this morning and well I completely needed it as I was already feeling defeated and dreading my workout today as I hate rowing and just was not in the right mental mind frame;

Challenge. There are actually two definitions.

(1) a call to take part in a contest or competition, especially a duel

(2) an objection or query as to the truth of something, often with an implicit demand for proof

Most people would say the definition #1 is what we do in the gym every day but I would say more often then not, it’s #2. The twist is that our MINDS are usually the ones that need proof.

So often we talk ourselves out of the BELIEF that we can achieve, that we can go the extra two inches, drop our booties down a bit lower and grab that heavier kettle bell. I CHALLENGE each of you to push yourself beyond what your mind believes you can do, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised 😉

I made it through it but it was definitely a mental game. Luckily one of the coaches was taking the class and she was next to me rowing with me, and the coach, coaching the class was right there encouraging me through the last few strokes of each row. Just one of the many reasons why I love OTF.

Added bonus to today, my new Whole 30 books came.

New cookbook, and now it’s a question of what recipe will I try first.

And, I got the Day by Day guide and can’t wait to use it after my surgery. Once I’ve started my recovery from surgery I’ll start my Whole 30 to help jumpstart the weight lose.

And, now here’s to tomorrow and Day 6 titled 6 Rowers Climbing. Yeah not looking forward to that at all. Time to get my mindset right.

Good night. This girl is back on a round of exhausted all the time.

A Little This A Little Of That 336/365

I did my nails last night. They came out pretty awesome. I like them a lot.

I won’t be rushing to change these out. Not until it’s time to sport my Hanukkah nails.

Saw this and well yup it pretty much explains my dogs.

Hence the reason why we’ve installed the doggie door. Because, well I was really tired of the in and out nonsense they were into. I was not into it at all.

And, well this means a whole lot more to me than it did a month ago as a month ago I had no idea what was causing me to be “sick” but now that I do I’m paying attention to all things pituitary.

Happy Monday all.

Chipping Away At The 12 Days Of Fitness 335/365

Sunday and I hit up OTF and did the 3 Little Chippers Workout. It sucked. Oh man was it a killer. I wanted to die. I definitely had to keep pushing myself today. I really had to keep saying I can finish this when it came to the 600 meter row. Ughhhh the last few workouts I haven’t been feeling this at all. I’m not sure what it is. If the exhaustion and just weakness that comes with Cushings is flaring up/getting worse or I’m just not motivated. Or perhaps a combination of it all. Either way I need to get my ass back to motivated and work hard and keep the push going. Especially, since I’m going to be out for a decent amount of time once I have this surgery. Not looking forward to the recovery but I’m looking forward to eventually feeling human again.

Nap time for this girl and then it’ll be time to do some house chores.

Happy Sunday hope you’ve had a great weekend.