That’s Disappointing 332/365

So there is a brand of sparkling water called Alta Palla that I love. They have a sparkling beverage as well. I occasionally will have the beverage as it is juice in it so contains sugar and calories and I try not to drink my calories.

Anyway I’ve tried some of the flavors. The blood orange flavor is definitely my favorite but the lemonade and grapefruit are also contenders.

However, tonight I tried the black cherry flavor

Uhmmmmmm yeah I won’t be buying his flavor again. I’m not sure I’ll even finish drinking it. Reminds me of cough syrup. Not for me that’s for sure. I still love you Alta Palla just not your black cherry flavor.

Got a call from my endocrinologist today, like the actual doctor. You know that’s never good. The MRI results are in and I have a 5mm tumor in my pituitary gland. So now waiting on the surgeons to find out what’s next. So it’s been found and now to get it out. More waiting that’s the worst part.

Tomorrow I go for a nerve conduction test to find out what’s causing the numbness in my fingers and palms. Never ending this thing is but hopefully soon I’ll be on the mend.

Here’s to tomorrow is Friday.

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