Chipping Away At The 12 Days Of Fitness 335/365

Sunday and I hit up OTF and did the 3 Little Chippers Workout. It sucked. Oh man was it a killer. I wanted to die. I definitely had to keep pushing myself today. I really had to keep saying I can finish this when it came to the 600 meter row. Ughhhh the last few workouts I haven’t been feeling this at all. I’m not sure what it is. If the exhaustion and just weakness that comes with Cushings is flaring up/getting worse or I’m just not motivated. Or perhaps a combination of it all. Either way I need to get my ass back to motivated and work hard and keep the push going. Especially, since I’m going to be out for a decent amount of time once I have this surgery. Not looking forward to the recovery but I’m looking forward to eventually feeling human again.

Nap time for this girl and then it’ll be time to do some house chores.

Happy Sunday hope you’ve had a great weekend.

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