Sweatpants Kinda Day 339/365

Today was a day where I wasn’t into doing anything. I’ve been fighting the exhaustion again. Was asleep by 7:30 last night, woken up at midnight by text messages coming in which resulted in me being awake for 3 hours before I could fall back asleep. Which ended up not being a big deal as I already wasn’t going into the office today due to a doctor’s appointment.

So yeah I slept until 10, got 2 loads of laundry washed and dried. They aren’t folded they just joined the other 3 loads that are waiting to be folded. But at least they are clean.

Needless to say it was stay in my sweats and even go to the doctor in them because well I just don’t care.

And this is my motto for tomorrow:

Although I will be hitting up OTF tomorrow morning and then it will be work from home and rocking the comfy pants.

Yup I’m okay with this.

Here’s hoping this bout of exhaustion passes quickly. However on that note I’m ready to get some sleep.

Here’s to tomorrow being Friday.

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