When Sunday Finds You 342/365

Started my Sunday morning off like almost every other Sunday morning at OTF. It was Day 10 Of 12 Days Of Fitness and it was all about the burpees today. Not only that but I had 2 friends join me and try it out for the first time. I didn’t workout next to them because 1) number 10 is my station and they put one of my friends on 10 and 2) I don’t start on the rowers EVER. I mean I like them and all but, just No. I’m not even sure I love my husband enough to start on the rowers. And, well for everyone’s benefit it’d be best if we weren’t on the same thing anyway.

And, now I’m still fighting this insane exhaustion in which I just can’t shake and therefore I’m struggling to keep the eyes open. So, why not curl up with a blanket and a Star Wars marathon. Maybe one day I won’t be so damn tired all of the time.

Happy Sunday all.

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