BOOM 💥 349/365

When your Sunday starts off with an endurance workout at OTF you know you’ll be on fire.

The long blocks and the long pushes kicked my butt today. Add in the 500 meter rows in the floor blocks and I was toast afterwards. I didn’t finish either row in the recommended time but I was already spent from the tread work that there was no way. I did however on my second row, work on just rowing a specific amount of time without stopping and then take a break. I towed for 30 seconds then had a 15 second break, then continued on. Next time I’ll try a shorter rest period between each round of work. I’ll eventually get to the point where I don’t completely hate rowing I’m sure I’ll never like it but I’m hoping my level of hate decreases a little. Of course I’ll be starting over again soon but I’ll have goals to work towards. Every day I push myself a little bit more and once I start to get healthy again I’ll be pushing myself more. If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you and every day is a challenge at OTF but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Happy Sunday

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