All The Feels 351/365

This afternoon I met up with one of my teammates from work and we went shopping for a family that we adopted for Christmas.

The family consists of 3 boys and grandma who raises them and unfortunate to say but a dead beat mom. We adopted the 3 boys and grandma to help bring them a real Christmas this year.

We headed out to the store and bought up several items for the boys, toys, books, and some clothes as well. We also got grandma a nice blanket, coat, and bath spa items. It’s all getting wrapped and dropped off Christmas Eve by another one of our teammates. Can’t wait to see their faces.

It feels amazing to be able to give something to someone who isn’t asking nor expecting anything and to put a little shine in someone’s day. And, also to be a part of a team that is so amazing and giving. We all said absolutely we’d do what we could for this family as soon as we heard the story. Not, only are they my co-workers they have quickly become family.

Paying It Forward wherever and whenever you can.

And, my house may be haunted. Last night I was in bed and the tv in the living room turned on by itself. Uhmmmm yeah something was in the house. I’m going to go with ghost.

And, of course I went to OTF this morning and it was a power day which are my favorite days. Kicked my ass but it was worth it.

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