Endurance Ughhhh 354/365

I’m dealing with this pure exhaustion thing it’s getting a bit old. I went to bed fairly early last night and woke up completely exhausted. I woke up completely dreading the thought of heading to OTF. Although, the thing with OTF is if you late cancel or no show you get charged for it. So, yeah my butt is going.

I dragged myself out of bed and headed off to OTF. It was an endurance day which is my least favorite focus and add in a run/row with that and well yeah really not my favorite type of day. Of course once I got there I pushed through it, but I’m not going to lie endurance days take a lot out of me and definitely push me mentally as well as physically. I think it’s more mental than anything on endurance days. I see the row distances and the time blocks and get defeated. Obviously, I can do it because well I do it every time but my mindset is stuck on I can’t. It’s definitely something I’ll be working on this in the upcoming year.

Wasn’t an awful stat day but I could of done better.

Tomorrow is a Power day which are my favorite and I already know I’ll be waking up tired as I’m struggling right now to make it to 7pm before going to bed, but I’m going to do my best to bust out the best workout I can.

Here’s to a great holiday weekend.

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