It’s A Burner 355/365

This morning I didn’t feel as tired as I did yesterday morning so that was a good thing.

I started my morning with an 8am Power workout at OTF. Have I mentioned Power days are my favorite. Add in that today was a switch day and it was a fast paced moving class that kicked my ass in a good way.

The class had lots of quick powerful movements with little recovery times. Yeah I had to adjust my speeds on the treads because I was exhausted by the second tread block which was my third block overall. I am okay with adjusting the speeds if that’s what I need to do and I was still in the orange.

My highlight of the session was the rowing. Every floor block ended with a row that increased in time by 15 seconds each round. I was able to row the 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and the 1 minute row without stopping. Granted as the amount of time we had to row the lower my watts fell but I was able to row for a minute straight getting nearly 300 meters. I’ll take that because rowing for a minute straight is enough to kill me. I just focused on breathing and doing even consistent pulls. It worked because I did it. Now to keep working on being able to do it and increase the Watts. Little by little day by day I’m making progress.

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve.

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