Endurance Not my Strong Suit 360/365

So, being as there is only 1 day left in the year and I’ll only be at 361 of 365 I’m thinking I miscounted somewhere al by the way. Oh well.

Anyway today’s workout was an endurance workout at OTF and well that’s my least favorite type of workout and today wasn’t any different.

The run/row block nearly destroyed me. After a 11 minute tread block then to jump into an 800 meter row with a 1 minute recovery then into a 400 meter row and if that wasn’t enough run for distance until time is called. Ughhhhh I hate you rower. I had a great coach well all the coaches at my location are awesome, but this coach is amazing at coaching me through these longer rows. And, I classify any row over 250 meters as long, pathetic I know but still. I made it through the rows and even managed to shave 7 seconds off on my 400 meter row when I had to repeat it while on the floor. I’ll eventually will get there where I don’t have a complete mental breakdown over rowing.

On another note finally have a date for my consultation with the neurosurgeon as in next week. I’m pretty excited about that!!! Getting closer to feeling better.

Happy Friday all!!

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