A New Day A New Page And It’s Looking Pretty Positive.

Today I met with my new team of doctors that will be treating my Cushings Disease. It went really well.

Both the endocrinologist and neurosurgeon were in complete agreement that not only do I have Cushings but I am textbook case of it.

They are both very confident that with surgery I will go into remission. They let me know that it would be an awful recovery time but eventually I will feel better and start getting back to my old self.

I’m optimistic about the prognosis they gave me and also the timeline that was given for surgery, hospital stay, and recovery at home. They assured me that I’d be fine on my own after leaving the hospital, would be able to drive within a week, but not expect to go back to the gym for 6-8 weeks. Which, that of course sucks but if it means that I’m feeling better and will get more out of my workouts in the long run it’s all worth it.

2018 is going to be a good year for me.

There’s going to be lots of posts all about Cushings and my recovery coming your way over the next couple of months. A bit nerve wracking to thing in a few short weeks I could be having a surgery to remove a tumor from my pituitary gland and this changing my life. Now to keep myself from being a neurotic, anxious, nutcase until my surgery date.

Happy Hump Day and for all of you on the East Coast getting hit with Winter Storm Grayson stay safe and warm. Here we are ready for the snow got the essentials, fireplace ready to go, generator ready to go, salt and snow shovels ready to clean up the mess. Of course the entire city is already shut down and will remain that way tomorrow. Downside to this snow OTF cancelled my class tomorrow 😦 Yeah that’s my main concern no OTF 2 days in a row. They have the 3 evening classes still scheduled so I may try to go to one if they don’t cancel them as well. We will see I’m even tempted to do a 3G since it’s one of my favorite coaches coaching the 3G class. Plus I have a feeling it won’t really be 3G as I’m sure tons of people won’t come due to the snow, roads, and not wanting to be on the roads. Driving in the snow doesn’t phase this upstate NY girl.

Okay, enough from me I have a cup of hot cocoa, my book, blanket, and comfy chair waiting for me.

Make the best out of this page of your life.

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