Life As It’s Been

What’s been going on with me? Well I’ve been a busy bee, so it’s a good thing I have gotten my energy back since having my surgery.

Work is something I’m focusing on and putting more time into. I’ll be working on getting that back to where it needs to be.

I’m also working on procuring items, for the nonprofit I volunteer with silent auction. And, well that’s a nightmare for me as this is not something I enjoy at all. But, every penny that we raise goes towards building hope for children battling cancer and that’s more important than my dislike of going out and seeking donations.

I’ve also started back at OTF keeping it to every other day and trying to stay out of the orange as I’m not supposed to get my heart rate or blood pressure up to high. I’m failing miserably at this. I try not to get the splat points but it somehow happens. I do keep an eye on it and make sure to back off if I see myself in the orange for more than a minute or 2. But, I’m happy that starting back up after a month off wasn’t as painful as I had anticipated. I’m glad I kept up with the workouts right up to my surgery date I’m sure it helped a lot in my overall recovery and also with starting back up.

I need to start my meal planning again. I haven’t been eating completely awful but it’s more or less “raccoon meals”. I get home and just throw stuff together to make a meal which isn’t necessarily bad but I’m definitely not eating the best I can. Plus I have lots of new recipes I want to try.

So that’s what’s been going on with me anything fun and exciting going on in your lives?

I’m Back!!!!

Today I not only stepped foot in the Orange Theory Fitness studio I workout in I worked out.

I can’t tell you how excited and also nervous I was and am about this. I was stoked to go back I truly missed it. But, the butterflies were a fluttering this morning. I think I was a bit nervous as to being able to do it and also not overdoing it. I really had no reason to worry as the coaches and staff are amazing.

The staff and coaches at my location had been checking up on me the entire time. Checking on me leading up to, through, and after surgery. Today wasn’t any different. The staff were excited to see me back and checked in with me after the class to see how it went. The coach, who happens to be the head coach, and one of the other coaches and I talked before the class began and came up with a game plan for me.

I’m back but I also have limitations in place, not by me, but those pesky doctors. I’m allowed to walk on the treadmill, no lifting more than 25# no bending over and keeping my heart rate and blood pressure from going to high. I walked on the treadmill, took it slow and easy on the rower, but I did the rower, and then had a modified workout on the floor. I stuck to upper body work while seated to help keep the heart rate down.

The entire time I worked out the coach was checking in with me making sure everything was still going well. It was awesome being back. And I can’t wait for Sunday to do it all again.

I’m slowly easing myself in this month. My plan is to go 3x a week for this month and then after April 4th depending on how my follow up with my team of doctors goes I’ll go back to my 5-6x a week.

But hey I’m Back and I’m not going to let anything hold me back.

I tried to stay in the green but some orange did happen. Hey I got the goal of 12 splat points and then some even though I was shooting for none. But, hey I made it through the workout, felt pretty good, and can’t wait to do it again. Feel the burn.

Close Enough To One Month Post Op

Tomorrow or maybe Thursday, since February is a short month not that matters, it will be one month post op.

I’m feeling pretty good. I never got the “crash feeling” they said I would. Although, every day until I had the surgery I was feeling/experiencing the “crash feeling” and well I don’t like doing anything the conventional way so who knows maybe I was just doing everything backwards.

I’ve had energy and actually wanting to be around people again. I mean let’s not get crazy and think I want to be around them all of the time but I have been going out with friends, going out to events, and just going out for the heck of it. This is all a big change from prior to surgery as I wanted nothing to do with people yet alone had the energy to do anything.

Another big change that’s occurred is my skin. I always had the oily T-Zone but never had acne except the occasional pimples that would show up around that time of the month, it was nothing substantial. The last 2 years or so I’ve had terrible acne that would pop up all over my face. Along with this acne my skin went from combination to a complete oil pit.

Now, I’m at the other extreme my face is dry that oily T-Zone is a thing of the past. The T-Zone is actually drier than the rest of my face. Needless to say I’m using major moisturizer.

The oily skin has cleared up and so has the acne. I still have some but it’s much better than it was.

Finally the last thing happening with my face is I’m starting to lose the moon face. My face is starting to lose the inflammation and thin back at. I don’t see it but every time my husband comes home from work, he’s gone for 5 days at a time, he notices a difference. I guess I see my face everyday so I’m not going to really notice the subtle changes. Here’s hoping that I’ll have cheekbones and a jawline once again soon.

I can’t complain as all of these changes have happened all within a month. So yeah I’ll take it excited to see what changes month two brings along.

The dry skin isn’t just happening on the face my entire body is definitely sporting drier skin than I had. But, hey every day I grab a different tube of body butter/moisturizer/lotion and enjoy whatever the scent du jour is.

Stay tuned to see what other changes occur.

Well 2018 Hasn’t Gone As Exactly Planned

I’ve been absent for the first two months of 2018 because well 2018 came in throwing my life into a bit of a spin.

January third brought the news that yes I definitely have Cushings Disease, and I would need the tumor on my pituitary gland removed ASAP. I mean we pretty much knew that this was the case, but actually hearing this and yes you are essentially going to have brain surgery. Well that news is a bit daunting and creates a bit of anxiety/panic.

January fifth as I was enjoying my gym session I got the news that my older brother died in a tragic freak accident. Talk about a shock to the system this was not the news I thought I’d hear. It was a long week and a half of putting the pieces together.

I came home to get ready for surgery which could go one of two ways either it would be successful and I’d be on the mend or it wasn’t successful and I’d be embarking on a 13 month long journey of gamma knife radiation treatment in hopes that I’d start to heal.

February eighth was Eviction Day, as I called it. I named my tumor Fred and well the little bastard needed to go and February eighth was his day to be removed forcefully, hence Eviction Day. The surgery took place bright and early and it was a wait and see if the surgery was a success.

I woke up February ninth and all of my levels came back with the numbers we wanted. The surgery was a success.

February tenth by noon I was on my way home from the hospital and feeling pretty good except for the slight headache.

I’ve been following doctor’s orders and taking my meds, doing nasal rinses, and not working out.

My recovery from this surgery isn’t quite what they were expecting as in I’ve had a really easy time with my recovery. They said I’d feel tired, achy, basically like I had the flu. That isn’t the case with me. I’ve been feeling great like I felt before I noticed something was wrong with me. This of course is awesome but also sucks because I have energy and want to go do things and am supposed to take it easy. I did however get the ok to go to the gym in a limited capacity.

I’m allowed to walk no faster than 3.5mph lifting nothing more than 25 pounds, and no bending over. I’ll work with it and take it easy and modify when need to for the next 3 weeks and then after that it’s back to the real deal. So I was out of the gym for a month that’s not too bad of course I didn’t want to be out at all but I also couldn’t live with the way things were going.

Over the next few days I will tel you a little about the surgery, recovery, and the changes I’ve already seen/experienced.

Hope 2018 has been treating you all well.