Well 2018 Hasn’t Gone As Exactly Planned

I’ve been absent for the first two months of 2018 because well 2018 came in throwing my life into a bit of a spin.

January third brought the news that yes I definitely have Cushings Disease, and I would need the tumor on my pituitary gland removed ASAP. I mean we pretty much knew that this was the case, but actually hearing this and yes you are essentially going to have brain surgery. Well that news is a bit daunting and creates a bit of anxiety/panic.

January fifth as I was enjoying my gym session I got the news that my older brother died in a tragic freak accident. Talk about a shock to the system this was not the news I thought I’d hear. It was a long week and a half of putting the pieces together.

I came home to get ready for surgery which could go one of two ways either it would be successful and I’d be on the mend or it wasn’t successful and I’d be embarking on a 13 month long journey of gamma knife radiation treatment in hopes that I’d start to heal.

February eighth was Eviction Day, as I called it. I named my tumor Fred and well the little bastard needed to go and February eighth was his day to be removed forcefully, hence Eviction Day. The surgery took place bright and early and it was a wait and see if the surgery was a success.

I woke up February ninth and all of my levels came back with the numbers we wanted. The surgery was a success.

February tenth by noon I was on my way home from the hospital and feeling pretty good except for the slight headache.

I’ve been following doctor’s orders and taking my meds, doing nasal rinses, and not working out.

My recovery from this surgery isn’t quite what they were expecting as in I’ve had a really easy time with my recovery. They said I’d feel tired, achy, basically like I had the flu. That isn’t the case with me. I’ve been feeling great like I felt before I noticed something was wrong with me. This of course is awesome but also sucks because I have energy and want to go do things and am supposed to take it easy. I did however get the ok to go to the gym in a limited capacity.

I’m allowed to walk no faster than 3.5mph lifting nothing more than 25 pounds, and no bending over. I’ll work with it and take it easy and modify when need to for the next 3 weeks and then after that it’s back to the real deal. So I was out of the gym for a month that’s not too bad of course I didn’t want to be out at all but I also couldn’t live with the way things were going.

Over the next few days I will tel you a little about the surgery, recovery, and the changes I’ve already seen/experienced.

Hope 2018 has been treating you all well.

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