Close Enough To One Month Post Op

Tomorrow or maybe Thursday, since February is a short month not that matters, it will be one month post op.

I’m feeling pretty good. I never got the “crash feeling” they said I would. Although, every day until I had the surgery I was feeling/experiencing the “crash feeling” and well I don’t like doing anything the conventional way so who knows maybe I was just doing everything backwards.

I’ve had energy and actually wanting to be around people again. I mean let’s not get crazy and think I want to be around them all of the time but I have been going out with friends, going out to events, and just going out for the heck of it. This is all a big change from prior to surgery as I wanted nothing to do with people yet alone had the energy to do anything.

Another big change that’s occurred is my skin. I always had the oily T-Zone but never had acne except the occasional pimples that would show up around that time of the month, it was nothing substantial. The last 2 years or so I’ve had terrible acne that would pop up all over my face. Along with this acne my skin went from combination to a complete oil pit.

Now, I’m at the other extreme my face is dry that oily T-Zone is a thing of the past. The T-Zone is actually drier than the rest of my face. Needless to say I’m using major moisturizer.

The oily skin has cleared up and so has the acne. I still have some but it’s much better than it was.

Finally the last thing happening with my face is I’m starting to lose the moon face. My face is starting to lose the inflammation and thin back at. I don’t see it but every time my husband comes home from work, he’s gone for 5 days at a time, he notices a difference. I guess I see my face everyday so I’m not going to really notice the subtle changes. Here’s hoping that I’ll have cheekbones and a jawline once again soon.

I can’t complain as all of these changes have happened all within a month. So yeah I’ll take it excited to see what changes month two brings along.

The dry skin isn’t just happening on the face my entire body is definitely sporting drier skin than I had. But, hey every day I grab a different tube of body butter/moisturizer/lotion and enjoy whatever the scent du jour is.

Stay tuned to see what other changes occur.

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