I’m Back!!!!

Today I not only stepped foot in the Orange Theory Fitness studio I workout in I worked out.

I can’t tell you how excited and also nervous I was and am about this. I was stoked to go back I truly missed it. But, the butterflies were a fluttering this morning. I think I was a bit nervous as to being able to do it and also not overdoing it. I really had no reason to worry as the coaches and staff are amazing.

The staff and coaches at my location had been checking up on me the entire time. Checking on me leading up to, through, and after surgery. Today wasn’t any different. The staff were excited to see me back and checked in with me after the class to see how it went. The coach, who happens to be the head coach, and one of the other coaches and I talked before the class began and came up with a game plan for me.

I’m back but I also have limitations in place, not by me, but those pesky doctors. I’m allowed to walk on the treadmill, no lifting more than 25# no bending over and keeping my heart rate and blood pressure from going to high. I walked on the treadmill, took it slow and easy on the rower, but I did the rower, and then had a modified workout on the floor. I stuck to upper body work while seated to help keep the heart rate down.

The entire time I worked out the coach was checking in with me making sure everything was still going well. It was awesome being back. And I can’t wait for Sunday to do it all again.

I’m slowly easing myself in this month. My plan is to go 3x a week for this month and then after April 4th depending on how my follow up with my team of doctors goes I’ll go back to my 5-6x a week.

But hey I’m Back and I’m not going to let anything hold me back.

I tried to stay in the green but some orange did happen. Hey I got the goal of 12 splat points and then some even though I was shooting for none. But, hey I made it through the workout, felt pretty good, and can’t wait to do it again. Feel the burn.