Life As It’s Been

What’s been going on with me? Well I’ve been a busy bee, so it’s a good thing I have gotten my energy back since having my surgery.

Work is something I’m focusing on and putting more time into. I’ll be working on getting that back to where it needs to be.

I’m also working on procuring items, for the nonprofit I volunteer with silent auction. And, well that’s a nightmare for me as this is not something I enjoy at all. But, every penny that we raise goes towards building hope for children battling cancer and that’s more important than my dislike of going out and seeking donations.

I’ve also started back at OTF keeping it to every other day and trying to stay out of the orange as I’m not supposed to get my heart rate or blood pressure up to high. I’m failing miserably at this. I try not to get the splat points but it somehow happens. I do keep an eye on it and make sure to back off if I see myself in the orange for more than a minute or 2. But, I’m happy that starting back up after a month off wasn’t as painful as I had anticipated. I’m glad I kept up with the workouts right up to my surgery date I’m sure it helped a lot in my overall recovery and also with starting back up.

I need to start my meal planning again. I haven’t been eating completely awful but it’s more or less “raccoon meals”. I get home and just throw stuff together to make a meal which isn’t necessarily bad but I’m definitely not eating the best I can. Plus I have lots of new recipes I want to try.

So that’s what’s been going on with me anything fun and exciting going on in your lives?

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