It Was A Scorcher 174/365

It was hot, sunny, and humid today. But that didn’t stop us. A great bunch of volunteers and sponsor volunteers came out to build hope for a family dealing with pediatric cancer. 

We battled the heat, tackled the lawn, and were able to put up a swing set in this family’s backyard so that they can enjoy being a family and play in a safe environment. 

Just a little of what hope looks like. 

Fri-Yay 173/365

It’s Friday!!!

It’s been a long day. I started the day at 4am so that I could make it to a 5am training session. 

The workout was good I’m exhausted but there was no rest for me today. As I’ve been going non-stop since the alarm went off at 4. Here’s the results of this morning’s workout. 

And, well it’s hot and humid here and it’s been a long day soooo

Starbucks Berry Prickly Pear for the win. I mean it looks pretty and did someone say Prickly Pear, uhmmm yeah that’s a fave of mine so I couldn’t say no. 

Happy Fri-Yay all and hello weekend. 

It’s A Hot One 172/365

I started today off with a OrangeTheory session. It was a tough one but I did it. I can’t really lift my arms right now so it must of been good right. 

I broke out my GymWraps that I received back in January from 310nutrition and GymWraps for being a top influencer. I hadn’t tried them until today. After my last workout where sweat was dripping in my face I decided to give them a try. What’s the worst that was going to happen, I hated it and would take it off. Well I’ll tell you this it not only stayed on my head and in place but kept my face dripping sweat free. The fact that it stayed in place was a win right there as most head bands/sweat bands never stay in place for me they are always pushing back or falling down. This stayed right in place I never had to adjust it through the entire workout it didn’t budge. Add in the fact that it was absorbing the sweat that was dripping off my head and kept it from running into my face and well I’m glad I have several of them as I’ll be wearing them every workout now. 

I’ve followed up the workout with a quick trip to the chiropractor and then home for lunch where I made a 310 blackberry lemonade and added some fresh blackberries to it. It was amazing! I’ll be making more of this now that summer is here. 

And, the true sign that I really like OrangeTheory I’m going to go tomorrow, which means 2 days in a row and oh yeah I’m going at 5am so that I can get the workout in. I usually go every other day however Saturday I can’t go so Friday it is and then I’ll hit it back up again on Sunday. 

Time to get fit and no excuses!

From Eating Like A 3y/o To An Adult 171/365

Last night I made Mac & Cheese from a box for dinner. Although I did “adult” it up by adding Indian inspired spices, cumin, turmeric, and cilantro to name a few. 

It was really good and it was quick which sometimes you just need that to happen in life. 

Tonight I decided to eat like a true adult. Grilled chicken breast, fresh vegetables with a southwest ranch dip, and tomatoes with fresh mozzarella. It was delicious. 

So yeah, I sometimes eat like a child and sometimes eat like an adult. I’m thinking tomorrow may be another adult style eating night. We shall see after my day what I feel like cooking. 

Happy Hump Day and Summer Solstice. 

Trying Too 170/365

This is outside the Orange Theory studio I attend. And, well I’m trying to lose the spare tire. It’s going slow but I’m going and making an effort so that’s something. 

Going to keep going and moving every day is a step in the right direction. 

Keep on moving. 

WCW 165/365

First holy crowbar only 200 days left of 2017. How did this happen?

Second it’s WCW and well my WCW stands for 

And crushed it I did 

I’ve been doing OrangeTheory Fitness for 2.5 weeks now and I love it. Okay I don’t love it while doing it but I love it after it’s done. 

I’m looking forward well sort of to what the workout will be on Friday. 

Happy Hump Day! Half way through the week and looking forward to the upcoming weekend. 

You Do What You Have Too 164/365

I have a Little Tykes pool for my dogs, and the AC has been out at the house for a week, during the first heat wave of the year. Needless to say the dogs needed there pool to help cool off. 

As I went to fill the pool I realized that the plug for the drain was missing. Not good, no plug, means no holding water. 

Let’s just say I’m thankful I like a good bottle of wine on occasion. 

Please ignore the dirty water as my dogs don’t know how to keep anything clean. So in case anyone runs into this problem just drink a bottle of wine and repurpose the cork. 

Looking forward to tomorrow when the temperatures are supposed to cool down a little bit. 

Here’s looking forward to a great rest of the week. 

Kickball Is Back 163/365

Kickball was back tonight in full effect. 

We  played a doubleheader that was a lot of fun and craziness. We said goodbye to some of our players as they are moving away this week and went out for some drinks afterwards. 

Crushes for the win

Overall not a bad Monday night.