Productive After An Unproductive Day 289/365

I’m happy to report today was a productive one. Which is a good thing since yesterday was completely unproductive.

I started the day off with an Orange Theory session. It was an endurance day and also a run/row day. Two things I hate together. Ughhhh.

As much as I dislike both of those things I had a pretty good session. I kept my increased push pace the entire time for the long distances. Then there was the rows. They weren’t too awful they were 400 meters. I was able to maintain the row. I finished in the time recommended with a few seconds to spare. And, the rows were all within a couple of tenths of a second of each other. Progress!!!

The weight floor was all about the upper body and man am I feeling it. Seriously, don’t ask me to raise my arms above my head because it’s not going to happen.

I love how I am pushing myself further and further every day and completing things I wouldn’t of dreamed of just weeks ago.

After Orange Theory it was off to work where I attended an amazing training session in which I learned a lot of things. Now just to start to implement it into my business. After the training session I plowed through a ton of new leads and got my lead generation pretty much up to date. Tomorrow I’ll have some tasks to take care of to be completely caught up but I’m way ahead of where I was.

Tomorrow, my office is putting on another training session all about taking your makeup from day to night and what is the best shades for you. I love that my office does all of these cool trainings. From stuff to grow your business, getting the most out of technology, and then ways to make your look more professional. I love where I work.

After coming home from the office my productive day continued. Laundry has been folded, more laundry is going. I made the marinade and got the chicken marinating for tomorrow night’s dinner. Along with that I made dinner for myself.

Tonight’s dinner was blackened salmon. And thanks to livinglovingpaleo I found a super quick and easy way to cook it. I’ve always grilled it or baked it in the oven, both of which can take way longer than I want to wait around. This method requires melting a little ghee in the pan, placing the salmon in the pan, covering it, let it cook, give it a flip, and viola DONE!!! Told you super quick and easy.

And here’s the blackened seasoning I used. I got it from the Fresh Market and it was delicious.

If you have a Fresh Market near you and haven’t tried this yet I say go out and get some. I have a bunch of different spice rubs from them and I’ve loved every one of them.

Now to continue with my productivity and get some reading done, lunch packed, and the gym bag packed before calling it a night.

Happy Hump Day!!!

Yawnnnnn 288/365

The husband was home for 2 nights. The first night he couldn’t sleep and woke me up at 3 am with his tossing and turning. And, well I was then awake at 3 am.

Last night I went to bed late and woke up at 5:30 for no reason but still I was up.

So 2 nights of not nearly enough sleep, add in a cool dreary day, and well yeah you’ve guessed it. My motivation is at negative a million and it’s just starting to get darker here and it’s just a little after 6 and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open.

Yeah, it will be an early to bed night. As in I might go to bed like now.

Here’s hoping I get some good quality sleep tonight and am ready to face the rest of the week.

Cheez-It 287/365

So, I’m not going to lie. I’m a lover of Cheez-It crackers, and well not being able to have gluten puts a damper in that. Okay, let’s be totally honest there are way healthier things I can eat besides a Cheez-It anyway. However, sometimes a girl just wants a dang Cheez-It.

I’ve looked high and low and have bought and tasted many a gluten-free cheddar crackers. Many have gone in the trash as I find them absolutely disgusting. Others have been a I can leave them or take them but not going to buy them unless they are on sale and I’m desperate.

Well I think I may have found the Cheez-It equivalent. It’s not quite Cheez-It level it’s kind of a cross between a Cheez-It flavor and that of a Cheese Nip, but it’s definitely the closest I’ve found to try Cheez-It level. I won’t be buying them often because I could easily sit down and eat the entire box and well we don’t need that to be happening. But, for those days when I need a snack or to pack with a lunch or whatever it’s a good occasional item to have.

They are made by Lance which is also the company that makes the Ritz bits type cracker sandwiches I’ve bought in the past. So, I shouldn’t of been surprised when I liked the Cheez-It type crackers as I love their Rootz bits type.

Yup, I will definitely not have them in the house very often but every once in a while it’s good to know I’ve found something that is like the gluten filled version.

And, now you know about my obsession with Cheez-Its.

Happy Monday.

He’s Home 286/365

The husband is home from his work trip, and by home I mean Home long enough for me to do his laundry and send him back out the door. He’ll be heading out again for a few days this week, and then home for a few days before he heads out again.

Between the two of us we have had some serious crazy schedules going on.

I hit up Orange Theory this morning. It was a strength workout which meant inclines which meant I didn’t partake in them. I have however, increased my push and all out paces. So I’m working on the speed. I’m hoping in another week or so I can start trying the inclines again. The back has been feeling pretty good, but I haven’t tested it with inclines yet. I want to make sure it’s all good before I push back to the inclines otherwise I’ll just be back to where I started.

I had a PR on the rower today. Yeah, another one. I pulled 172 watts today, which is really nothing when there are people 3 times that, but for me that’s HUGE as I’m around 125 usually. Now I can’t maintain 172 watts for very long but I was able to get there. Working towards that 200.

My heart rate monitor is still being completely wonky and it’s aggravating me. Especially since it wasn’t working when I got that 172. Oh well I know I’m working and pushing myself and improving every day.

I did the grocery shopping for the week, I’m going to have to rope my husband into going to Costco on one of the days he is home this week. Costco is a 2 person job, one to drive the cart the other to throw everything in the cart. Along with the grocery shopping I did some household chores.

Then it was time to pick the husband up from the airport and come home and make dinner.

This week I’m using the Paleo Takeout Cookbook. My husband’s favorite Chinese food is General Tso’s Chicken. And, well they have a recipe for that so I made it tonight for him.

It was okay but I liked the sticky Honey Chicken I made 2 weeks ago better. This recipe I’ll have to try again and perfect it a bit. I think I rushed it a bit as we were both hungry and got home later than I had planned from the airport. I’ll work on it and I’m sure in no time I’ll get it down pat.

Now it’s time to do some reading for work and then it’ll be bedtime for this girl.

Hope your weekend was memorable.

Fri-Yay!!! 284/365

It’s Friday the 13th!!!! And, well Orange Theory’s workout was scary. Okay not really but it was all about the number 13. And, my coach dressed up as well. It was great.

I didn’t have a very productive day. It was rainy and dreary and I just wanted to be a bum and Netflix binge, so I did. Which means I have some work to do tomorrow.

I did however whip up a double bath of the Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake I made last week to take to a work party tomorrow.

I’ll be grocery shopping tomorrow cleaning the house a bit and then off to the work party. I’m going to have to put some lead calling in there as well since I was a complete waste case today and did nothing on that front.

It’s Friday which means it’s pizza night at my house. I enjoyed Trader Joe’s gluten free pizza crust once again this time with turkey peepers I as my topping of choice.

And, I’m ending the night with some friends seeing Mamma Mia, free tickets thanks to my friend’s job. Uhmmm yes please.

Happy Friday!!!!

Oops 283/365

Today was a bit of an oops day but not really as I anticipated it. It was my office’s monthly meeting, which was awesome. I’m excited to see what is coming in the near future for this company. And, well there is lots coming our way.

After the meeting I did some actual work and then a bunch of us headed over to our favorite Mexican joint and had lunch with margaritas. I pretty much figured this would be what we would do today so I meal planned accordingly. I however, did not plan for queso dip. I was better than I could of been but I definitely enjoyed some queso. I had chicken tacos so that wasn’t too bad. Dinner tonight was the last of the turkey eggplant bake I had taken out of the freezer this week.

So, I overindulged a bit at lunch but it wasn’t awful and I ate a healthy dinner instead of eating crap and saying ahhh I already screwed up today so who cares.

So it was a planned detour away from the clean eating I’ve been doing. And, hey sometimes you need to enjoy tacos and margaritas with your co-workers.

And, this margarita was delicious.

Happy Thursday

Oh My Hill Climb 282/365

It was strength day at OTF today. This means inclines lots of inclines. All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t go on Monday as it was the Everest challenge which meant that you were walking on some serious incline for the entire tread block. Well today we had the inclines and a short walking block which had us by the end at 15% incline. What?? I thought I was going to fall off the dang thing. Man, it was definitely making the hamstrings burn. I couldn’t imagine doing this after completing Monday’s workout. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to walk.

By the time I was finished with the floor blocks my arms and shoulders were shot. I was definitely pushing it with the weight I was using. I’ve been upping my game when it comes to weight the past week or two. My arms were so dead I could barely wash my hair yet alone brush it out and put it up. They weren’t really working at all it was a struggle.

It was a good workout and I kept with my new paces I’ve set for myself. So I’m happy with it. The heart rate monitor is still being wonky but I know I’m working and improving.

At work I had a great training seminar and learned a ton and can’t wait to start implementing it. I love working at a place that is encouraging, supportive, and doing all they can to help you grow and achieve your goals.

Best part is I came home to a yummy smelly home thanks to the crockpot and Pinterest once again. I threw everything in this morning set it on low and when I got home it was done and just needed to be turned to keep warm and dinner would be ready to go.

Tonight it was garlic honey chicken with veggies. There is plenty of leftovers for the freezer so that’s a bonus.

If you’d like to try it out go ahead and click right here.

So the last three nights I’ve been enjoying a glass of this wonderful deliciousness from Whole Foods. Sorry it’s empty as I thought about taking a picture as I was getting ready to drop the bottle in the recycle bin. So by the fact that it’s empty should tel you what I think of it.

I’m hoping they still have some in stock when I go back to pick up some items from Whole Foods this weekend.

Happy Hump Day!!! It’s all downhill to the weekend.

Second Monday 281/365

I slept horribly last night and then my dogs had me up earlier than I wanted to be up.

On Tuesday’s my fresh greens are delivered and they are delivered to my doorstep at like 5am, and this of course makes my dogs go nuts. So then they think it’s time to get up when clearly it’s not. So yeah, waking me up way too early.

I got up this morning and put together the ingredients for my dinner so I could throw them in the crockpot. I had chopped up all of my veggies last night so all I had to do this morning was open up the can of tomatoes, chicken broth, chicken, the precut veggies, and spices. I’ll actually be doing the same thing tonight. As the meal I’m making for tomorrow is also a crockpot meal. I’ll be prepping all the veggies so all I have to do is throw the meat in and dump the bowl of veggies in and start it up. I love the crockpot.

I will definitely be using it a lot this year. Of course I really need the weather to change so I can enjoy soups, chili, and other cold weather food. It’s currently 80 degrees out. My AC is on it’s nearly mid October. What gives?

When I came home from work today and opened the door the house smelled amazing and I was ready to devour dinner right then and there of course it was only 3 o’clock so there was some waiting to be done.

Anyway it’s Taco Tuesday and so tonight’s dinner was inspired by that idea. I made a chicken enchilada soup. It’s kind of hard for me to eat soup when it’s 80 outside but I did. And, it’s delicious and definitely something you should give a try. It’s another Pinterest recipe as all of the meals this week are Pinterest recipes.

I added some grain free Siete Foods chips to go with it and well it was mouth watering good. I’m portioning it out to place some in the freezer and will be enjoying another bowl or 2 this week.

You can get the recipe for yourself by clicking right here.

I went to Orange Theory today and it was an endurance day. My arms were killing me after the workout. As in they didn’t want to work. But, I pushed myself today. I used a heavier weight then was recommended and I did it but was seriously struggling during my last reps, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. We had a 6 minute rowing block which I struggled with. I have no endurance when it comes to rowing but I’m continuing to work on that. Today on the treads I stuck to what I started on Sunday which was to increase my push and all out paces. So I’m pretty excited about that. Not completely up to those speeds all the time but I’m working on it and will get there soon.

My heart rate monitor is still being a bit wonky which is starting to bug me. I’m going to have to have them test it’s to see what is going on with it. As it cane be a bit discouraging when you know your pushing yourself and your heart rate monitor is saying you’re only at 30%. But, I’m doing it and pushing myself more and more every day.

After OTF it was off to the office where I got a lot of work done and caught up on all of the stuff I just didn’t do over the weekend. However, it was definitely like a second Monday. Neither of my office mates were in today so while I was in my office alone working I kept finding myself wanting to fall asleep. I had to keep getting up and moving around or otherwise someone definitely would of found me slumped over my desk asleep.

I thought I’d come joe and take a nap but I refrained and hopefully will sleep well tonight.

Now I have a dishwasher to empty, food to prep for the crockpot tomorrow, lunch to pack, and a gym bag to pack.

Have a great rest of your Tuesday or as I’m calling it Second Monday.

Crazy Day 280/365

Today was a bit insane, but I’ve made it through.

The day started off with a Roc’n Refresh with a great group of volunteers from OVM Financial. After we, weeded, repaired the door on the playset, and laid down new mulch we packed up and headed to the build site. Where more volunteers were working to build a play set for another Roc Star battling pediatric cancer.

The build had some challenges with it as we were building on a hill and had some major leveling and adjusting to do, but we made it work and the playset was a complete hit. When the children saw the swing set they went running to it. They were swinging, climbing, and sliding to their heart’s content. And, well that’s what it’s all about.

Oh and did I mention I got to build the playset with the Blue Power Ranger. Yeah truth the Blue Power Ranger was building hope today. And, the best part he wants to get more involved!!!

After a long day building hope it was finally time to come home. I had originally planned on making a crockpot eggplant zucchini lasagna but it had lots of prep work to do and also is something if I froze my husband wouldn’t eat it, however I had an eggplant bake in the freezer. So I pulled that out and it was a super easy dinner tonight. As in just reheat it since it was defrosted. Think baked ziti but eggplant instead of ziti noodles.

I had a salad with it and called dinner good.

I also ate a piece of the paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake I made last night. Holy Cannoli folks it’s amazing. Seriously, you need to make this recipe right now. In case you missed the link yesterday here it is again. Just click right here.

This seriously is so good. I am going t have a hard time not going to the fridge and inhaling all of it.

After I finished dinner I did some meal prep for tomorrow. I got my Chia going for my pudding. I also cut up everything for my soup that I’ll be making in the crockpot tomorrow. So in the morning all I have to do is throw it in the crockpot and start it.

My lunch for tomorrow is packed and all that’s left to get myself ready for tomorrow is to pack my gym bag.

It’s been a good Monday and I’m ready to start the short work week tomorrow.

Hope your Monday was a good one.

Another Long One 279/365

Today was Day 3 Of 3 at Orange Theory. And, it ROCKED. This may be, okay no it is my favorite workout I’ve done there. It was power day which is probably my fave of the focuses it was a switch day which means I wasn’t doing anything for very long, and it was a run/row day and well we should know how I feel about rowing by now. But, today it was awesome. Longest row was 200 meters and every round it decreased by 50 so short rows. I can handle those.

Let’s talk about the run/row blocks first. There were 3. Do a block then switch to floor, back to treads, floor you get the idea. So there was a total of 6 switches today. So lots of moving around. Okay so here’s how he blocks went:

First block:

Run 0.2 at push pace then row 200 meters each round decrease row by 50 meters. If complete 3 rounds run for distance till time is called.

Second block:

Everything the same except run 0.15

Third block:

Everything except run 0.1 at all out pace

I crushed this part of the workout. I hit my fastest paces yet. Each block I upped my pace. As for the rowing I was consistent every time. My 200 meter rows were 46-47 seconds and my 150 meter rows were 35-36 seconds. Every. Single. Time. That is amazing for me. I hate rowing but I’m slowly making improvements.

The floor blocks were intense. The first block had us doing a new exercise. A reverse lunge to lateral step up. I didn’t do this as I’m not supposed to do lunges but I don’t really listen. I did static lunges instead. Along with this new move we did dumbbell pull overs and scissor kicks complete.

The second block had us Doug 3 exercises for 30 seconds with a 15 second rest. They were jump lunges, I did air squats, Y raises on the TRX, and mountain climbers.

The final block yeah I’m drawing a blank on I know there were weighted Russian twists and knee tucks but I can remember what the first one was I’m sure it was something to do with lunges since today seemed to be the day of lunges.

It was a good day at OTF and I’m going to enjoy my day off from OTF tomorrow, and a bit bummed but also happy I’m missing Everest Day.

I came home and started putting my house to rights. Being at the office all week makes keeping up with housework a bit of an I don’t care type situation. I folded 3 loads of laundry got 2 more done still have 2 more to do which will happen tomorrow. Ran the vacuum through the house quick. My floors are in serious need of some love.

A friend stopped by for a visit for a little while. After she left I whipped up a Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake that I’ll be munching on part of the week. The other half is in the freezer for another week.

Here’s the recipe I used Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Pretty much as soon as I had pulled this wonderful pan of deliciousness my phone rang. It was a leader from Roc Solid and she wouldn’t be able to drop of the equipment for my project tomorrow. So I ran out the door and drove the 45 minutes over to the warehouse where we loaded up my car with everything and then I proceeded t drive back home.

It was time for dinner and well dinner tonight was pretty tasty if I must say so. Cilantro Lime Shrimp Scampi over Zoodles. I also had a salad with it.

I liked this a lot however I definitely like making my Shrimp Scampi with spaghetti squash better. I make a classic shrimp scampi and put it over spaghetti squash. The cilantro lime definitely gave it a great flavor and completely different from your classic Scampi sauce. I’ll be making this again.

If you want to give this a try here’s the recipe Cilantro Lime Shrimp Scampi

So yeah there’s my Sunday in a nutshell. How about you are you enjoying your Sunday?