A Little Motivation 158/365

It’s dreary and cool today which is a good thing since the AC in the house is not working. However, it’s not very motivating when it’s dark and gloomy out.

So to remind and motivate myself to keep moving:

Every single one of these points needs to be remembered every day. 

Monday Equals Rain Day 156/365

It’s Monday which means it’s kickball night. Which means it’s of course raining. Which then means no kickball yet again. Whomp whomp whomp. 

But, well we don’t need kickball to hang out so we picked a bar and met up. Had some food and beverages and of course a lot of laughs. 

We are quite the group and have some seriously ridiculous shenanigans. Our team is made up of people that just have a lot of fun together and like hanging out outside of kickball. I love the group we have become. 

So even if it does rain and we don’t actually get to play kickball we still have fun as a team. 

Go Misfits. 

Beach Day 155/365

Today I met up with friends to celebrate one of their birthdays and graduation. We met at a brewery and had some drinks and lots of laughs.

We then headed to the beach to chill in the sand and surf. It was a ton of fun. 

After a few hours spent in the sand we decided to go grab some dinner. We went to a local seafood joint and had some good food and more laughs. 

A great day with great people. Can’t wait to do it again. 

Awesome Day 154/365

Today has been an amazing day. 

Started the morning off building hope for 2 year old Brody, with RocSolid Foundation and a couple of my friends came out to take part in it as well. 

After we finished up the build we went out to grab a bite to eat at the Yardhouse

Then it was off to do some errands and home to shower so that we could meet up to hang out tonight at the Waterside District. We sat outside enjoyed the ocean air and some cocktails. 

Tomorrow is looking like it’s going to be another fun filled day.  

Happy Weekend and summer is on it’s way. 

Rainbows & Pirate Golf 151/365

It’s the husband’s last night in town before he heads out for work. 

So, we decided to be tourist in our town. We went to Pirate Mini Golf and actually finished the game, which is a first. Every time we go to play we end up getting a couple holes in and the skys open up and drench us in rain. 

Tonight, however it poured before we got there and held off for us to finish 18 holes. 

After Pirate Golf we went to eat at an Indian restaurant and it was delicious. 

Happy Hump Day