It’s A Burner 355/365

This morning I didn’t feel as tired as I did yesterday morning so that was a good thing.

I started my morning with an 8am Power workout at OTF. Have I mentioned Power days are my favorite. Add in that today was a switch day and it was a fast paced moving class that kicked my ass in a good way.

The class had lots of quick powerful movements with little recovery times. Yeah I had to adjust my speeds on the treads because I was exhausted by the second tread block which was my third block overall. I am okay with adjusting the speeds if that’s what I need to do and I was still in the orange.

My highlight of the session was the rowing. Every floor block ended with a row that increased in time by 15 seconds each round. I was able to row the 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and the 1 minute row without stopping. Granted as the amount of time we had to row the lower my watts fell but I was able to row for a minute straight getting nearly 300 meters. I’ll take that because rowing for a minute straight is enough to kill me. I just focused on breathing and doing even consistent pulls. It worked because I did it. Now to keep working on being able to do it and increase the Watts. Little by little day by day I’m making progress.

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve.

Endurance Ughhhh 354/365

I’m dealing with this pure exhaustion thing it’s getting a bit old. I went to bed fairly early last night and woke up completely exhausted. I woke up completely dreading the thought of heading to OTF. Although, the thing with OTF is if you late cancel or no show you get charged for it. So, yeah my butt is going.

I dragged myself out of bed and headed off to OTF. It was an endurance day which is my least favorite focus and add in a run/row with that and well yeah really not my favorite type of day. Of course once I got there I pushed through it, but I’m not going to lie endurance days take a lot out of me and definitely push me mentally as well as physically. I think it’s more mental than anything on endurance days. I see the row distances and the time blocks and get defeated. Obviously, I can do it because well I do it every time but my mindset is stuck on I can’t. It’s definitely something I’ll be working on this in the upcoming year.

Wasn’t an awful stat day but I could of done better.

Tomorrow is a Power day which are my favorite and I already know I’ll be waking up tired as I’m struggling right now to make it to 7pm before going to bed, but I’m going to do my best to bust out the best workout I can.

Here’s to a great holiday weekend.

Well These Were Surprising 353/365

So, I try not but much in the line of processed food and I really try not to buy processed junk food at all. Because, one even the healthy processed stuff isn’t really all that healthy and well the junk is just that junk. Plus my body doesn’t really do very well with the processed foods.

However, the other day while at Whole Foods I saw these gluten-free maple ginger sandwich cookies. I’ve had other products from this company before and I’ve enjoyed them so I figured why not. And, well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. They are pretty good. They don’t have that weird after taste that other gluten-free products sometimes have. My only complaint is I wish they were either all chocolate or all vanilla cookies instead of the combo. But, hey other than that they were a winner. And, great for an occasional treat.

Now I’m waiting for A Charlie Brown Christmas to start and my night will be complete.

Happy Thursday

All The Feels 351/365

This afternoon I met up with one of my teammates from work and we went shopping for a family that we adopted for Christmas.

The family consists of 3 boys and grandma who raises them and unfortunate to say but a dead beat mom. We adopted the 3 boys and grandma to help bring them a real Christmas this year.

We headed out to the store and bought up several items for the boys, toys, books, and some clothes as well. We also got grandma a nice blanket, coat, and bath spa items. It’s all getting wrapped and dropped off Christmas Eve by another one of our teammates. Can’t wait to see their faces.

It feels amazing to be able to give something to someone who isn’t asking nor expecting anything and to put a little shine in someone’s day. And, also to be a part of a team that is so amazing and giving. We all said absolutely we’d do what we could for this family as soon as we heard the story. Not, only are they my co-workers they have quickly become family.

Paying It Forward wherever and whenever you can.

And, my house may be haunted. Last night I was in bed and the tv in the living room turned on by itself. Uhmmmm yeah something was in the house. I’m going to go with ghost.

And, of course I went to OTF this morning and it was a power day which are my favorite days. Kicked my ass but it was worth it.

Which One? 350/365

So, it’s starting to get a bit cooler here and when I head out to OTF I need to wear a layer on top and after leaving all hot and sweaty I need something to wear into the store or wherever I’m running an errand.

I of course could just wear my jacket but I want something a little fun and something that says yeah I’m working on becoming fitter and stronger than I was yesterday.

I found these really cute, and look like they’d be quite warm and perfect to wear all winter to and from the gym, fleece lined jackets. Now of course the only problem is which one to buy.

So lots of good ones just not sure which way to go. Which would you choose?

BOOM 💥 349/365

When your Sunday starts off with an endurance workout at OTF you know you’ll be on fire.

The long blocks and the long pushes kicked my butt today. Add in the 500 meter rows in the floor blocks and I was toast afterwards. I didn’t finish either row in the recommended time but I was already spent from the tread work that there was no way. I did however on my second row, work on just rowing a specific amount of time without stopping and then take a break. I towed for 30 seconds then had a 15 second break, then continued on. Next time I’ll try a shorter rest period between each round of work. I’ll eventually get to the point where I don’t completely hate rowing I’m sure I’ll never like it but I’m hoping my level of hate decreases a little. Of course I’ll be starting over again soon but I’ll have goals to work towards. Every day I push myself a little bit more and once I start to get healthy again I’ll be pushing myself more. If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you and every day is a challenge at OTF but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Happy Sunday

It Was Fun 348/365

Hit up OTF this morning for a nice strength workout. Got to do the workout with 2 of my friends and after we went and grabbed a bite to eat at a new BBQ joint.

I pushed myself with the weights and yeah I’m currently feeling it. I was consistent on my 300 meter rows. Not as fast as I’d like but still done in under a minute thirty. Not by much but still under. I’ve been finding that my treadmill speeds haven’t been as fast as they were but I’m still getting the heart rate up. I know that after surgery when I’m cleared to start working out again I’ll be back to a slower pace, pretty much where I started but I know what I’m currently doing sick so once I’m recovered I’ll be able to do so much more. Here’s to being patient and making gains no matter how small they are.

After the workout we were all famished and I was the foodie and he quickly found a new place on Yelp that had 5 stars and it was a BBQ joint. Sign me up.

The place is hard to spot and a whole in the wall mom and pop place. And, holy crow it was amazing. I got a 2 meat platter. So much food and really well priced. I got pulled chicken and smoked chicken salad as my meats, along with coleslaw and potato salad as my sides. The chicken was so mouthwatering and the sides were great too. I want to go back and get more coleslaw and more chicken and yeah everything. When my husband gets home I’ll have to take him as he will love it as well.

My friends got the cornbread muffins and said they were unbelievably good. I’ll take their word for it. They also have a chipotle coleslaw that one of my friends got and I tried it yeah I’ll be getting that next time. So good all around. I’ll be back that’s for sure.

Now to stay awake for a few more hours before I crash for the night.

Happy Saturday all!!!

I Just Can’t 346/365

I was exhausted all day yesterday, as in I went to bed at 6:15 and woke up at 7 this morning. And, guess what I was still tired. I love waking up still feeling exhausted, can you hear the sarcasm?

I rolled out of bed even though I didn’t want to. I headed off to OTF, but bailed on the plan to head into the office as I knew I needed some serious rest.

OTF kicked my butt. It was a good ESP day and I pushed it with the weights I was using thanks to the coach who wasn’t having me using lighter weights. It’s good to be pushed.

And only a couple of calories shy of 500. Ughhhh I’ll get there again.

I plan on going to sleep early again tonight and then take it easy and hopefully get some stuff done around the house because well my house is a complete pit right now. Energy fairies please visit me tomorrow. I need to get laundry done and my house cleaned.

Until tomorrow.